National Academy Of Construction Trades

Using an NACT Logo on Your Website

Here are the guidelines on using the NACT logo on your website:

Using a NACT logo on a website requires authorization from NACT. To receive authorization, you must:

  1. Submit the URL (Web address) of the site where the logo will appear.

  2. Submit the name and ID number of at least one of the NACT-certified personnel you employee.

  3. Agree that NACT reserves the right to have you remove the NACT logo from your website for whatever reasons NACT deems necessary. This includes, but is not limited to, misrepresentation, rendering the logo to an unproportionate shape or altering its colors, fraud, or combining the logo with any other organization or company logo or text so as to infer the impression of an alliance,  partnership, or other business affiliation.

  4. Agree not to redistribute the NACT logo to other entities for any reason.

Upon acceptance of these terms and conditions, and approval by NACT, we will provide you with our “ NACT Certified” logo, plus a detailed usage guide.

To submit a request for the NACT logo artwork and the authorization to use it, please send us an e-mail confirming that you have and will comply with the four conditions described above by clicking here.

  • Report NACT Logo Abuse